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by Bamle bamle (2020-03-28)


The idea of honor in soccer can be very powerful. It is very important to be able to show your teammates that you mean based soccer, and that you will not take any of their calls for granted. Many great players have left big clubs because they just took too much of their teammates call, and as a result, the team lost games. However, if you have teammates that you will stand by, then you will have the tools to do just that.

I know for myself, I am not a talkative teammate. I do not like to share my thoughts, or share stories about the game with my teammates. However, if I was in a position where I was playing with some of the best players in the world, and they were giving me the benefit of the doubt and the ability to stand by them, then I know that I would bring them all the praise that I could get.

Soccer honor is also one of the biggest reasons why some of the top footballers can win and go on to win the World Cup. It is very important to have players that will never stop pushing each other to succeed. The teams that I have played for have included world-class players, so I have seen it all.

As a team, we would push each other. We would test each other. When we beat our opponents, we would treat each other very well. Soccer honor and team spirit are something that everyone should strive for when playing in a team. Honor is very important in soccer. It should be unogoal.