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by Adrian Ketcham (2020-05-16)

SCOOP 2018: Remi Lebo_10 battles back to win #45-H, $236K ($2,100 NLHE Prog. KO)There are many people who love to play this game. Whether it is playing free online poker or playing poker for money, it is an activity that has become extremely popular in many parts of the world. In the following article we will be covering many aspects regarding this card game, such as the rules of poker, tricks and tips for playing it, where to play online poker, the types of online poker bets, etc. Unfortunately, you have to know that online poker in Colombia is totally illegal, and we'll be talking about that below.

Poker, which is also known in Colombia and Latin America as remi poker, is a card game where its players do not show them or teach part of them, and they will make bets based on an initial bid. The objective of the game is to achieve the best poker combinations in order to win much more money and therefore the game.

Its origins are not very clear yet, since it seems to come from the French word poque. However, this game closely resembles a Persian game called As Nas, and it is believed that the sailors taught them to the French from the New Orleans colonies. From now on it became popular through the centuries until it reached modern casinos and what we know today.

On the other hand, since July 2017 it is totally illegal to play online poker in Colombia. A site with as much international distinction as Pokerstars had to stop closing operations for this measure. The reasons were very simple, and had to do with not paying licenses. Coljuegos, the entity in charge of regulating gambling sites in the country, saw no progress in this section and decided to eliminate real money poker in Colombia until further notice. So far, no progress has been made on the subject, so bettors must resort to other methods of playing poker. For example, playing from abroad or even changing your IP to be able to access these portals.

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Poker became tremendously popular thanks to the influx of casinos in the United States. Artists of the stature of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin adored this activity. Over the years, it became very popular thanks to movies and television series. And in recent times the appearance of sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt and Neymar in different advertisements making bets on poker has made this activity much more recognized for a much larger audience.

Other great examples of online casino games are Blackjack and online roulette. Both games are very popular in casinos and despite being totally different from poker, they are usually together at different gambling portals.

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In case you don't have the slightest idea, we are going to teach you how to play easy poker. In very simple steps you will understand what this is all about. In order to start, you need to know that you have to make an initial bet on poker. In this way, a kind of well begins, which can be increased according to the bets of the other players. Of course, there is a minimum bet in poker but that already depends on the same players at the table.

Then the initial cards are dealt to start the game. In all poker games you will always act in turns, respecting the movement of the hands of the clock. Apart from this, during the turn of each player different actions can be performed, namely