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Child Autism is a developmental disorder of children who have complex that can be seen before the age of 3 years, which is the specification concerning communication, social interaction and activity of the imagination. School Children with Special Needs Taruna Al-Quran Yogyakarta, has a therapeutic program of Al-Quran and Hadith that is integrated into the curriculum of education for children with autismem. The therapeutic process is done by reading some of the letters in the selection of the Quran and several hadith the prophet Muhammad, prayer and dhikr (ruqyah). Ruqyah supporting elements in the approach by performing Duha prayer in congregation, learning Tahfidz (recitation) of the Quran, the socialization of environmental, academic material (general studies and religion). Results of research on ruqyah approach in autismetic children showed significant improvements in cognitive, motoric, verbal and affection after students attend some treatment continuously and constantly evaluated its development . Islamic education is integrated in the form of habituation, emotional, experience, exemplary daily life .



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