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You Might Not Be Using EBusiness Solutions Successfully - Here's Why

by Sonya Rister (2020-05-15)

96833965_2685026568491395_52651819869577Your business has just implemented an entirely new software management system as a way to adapt to recurring changes in the business. People, who are used to the old system, are a bit confused about the new system because they don't have enough knowledge to implement a better and more productive methods in using this system. You then conduct training to your employees to help them learn more about this new system. Because training took a while, your company took more than a year to make use of the system and worse, it made them less productive. The problem with implementing new e business solutions like upgrading to a new system is that your employees, especially the senior managers, won't be able to spend enough time to learn and understand the new solution you implemented. As a result, they will have no idea on how their workers will be able to adapt to the change. Therefore, fail to set the proper methods to help the system increase in efficiency and productivity. This new solution just adds up to the burden rather than being a tool that will be able to make a change in the business. This is a problem that most businesses encounter because they think of the short term benefits and not the long term solution of their new implementation. This problem can be prevented through proper e-business solutions.

Preparing for the change

Create a well-developed scope for your e-business solution, don't just think of the benefits it can offer, but also prepare for the worst. Before you implement a solution answer these questions first:

What is the most important goal your solution is likely to achieve? Is the solution meant to solve your company's critical problems? Can your time and sharing money justify the implementation of the solution? What are your milestones once you have this solution?

Then, choose your team of experts that will help implement the solution. Your team is responsible for developing and implementing the plan. Don't forget to assign deadlines and provide resources to assist with the development. Once your team is able to implement the new solution, like, for example an Ecommerce software, get your senior manager to review the progress.

Training to achieve the best Get to know the people who need to have training with the new e business solution. The training should include objectives, the training criteria, the syllabus, then set evaluation methods and actual learning process. Asses their progress afterwards.

Implementation Once you have your staff prepared for change, and get your staff to be familiar with the e business solution, take it for a test drive. After that, have a senior manager review process and make a summary report if it meets your expectations, did the job well as intended, and if it gives more benefit to your staff. It is important to consider if everyone is satisfied with the result or not.

A proper implementation of the solution requires a strict, step-by-step process management.

Remember that e-business solutions like adding an ecommerce server to your business is just a tool. Don't expect it to change everything in your system if you do not use it well.

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