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The Power of E-business

by Sonja Kalb (2020-05-15)

 There are lots important things one should keep in mind before preparing an ebusiness plan.  But above all the secret of ebusiness begins with knowing the downsides of it at the same time avoiding those mistakes.

This would not only pave way for the success of your ebusiness, but also saves more money and time. There are lots of common mistakes that should be avoided in preparing for an ebusiness. Most of these basic mistakes were incurred from the early stage of the plan.  Take note of the following and be sure to have the necessary actions and to not let these things happen to your ebusiness.  1.    Selling/Promoting the wrong productsIt is a fact that you can promote and sell everything online, often times the hottest items bring up great prices on E-bay.

But these are considered as one-offs, and my not be consistent as the actual business. Not all products are easy to sell online. In fact majority are difficult to sell such as: those that require consumer evaluation; those products and goods that are fragile; and weighty products with added delivery or shipping cost.

The best advice for that is to select the product that is market-led rather than product-led. You may have excellent products, if you don't have consumers, then that is a big loss. Search for the type of products that are a necessity for all. At the same time, find a way on how these people could have a convenient and easy access of the product.

2.    Not Preventing Barriers to ShoppingA lot of website owners make such barriers to shopping and still continue with their sales. Potential consumers, go away with these sites, since they consume lots of their time. Everything is complex, and lots of problems arise from the mode of payment, delivery schedules, shipping cost and so on. So, the best tip for that is to offer your buyers the chance to "Order" or "Buy Now", as soon as they locate the product they need.

Give them all the basic information they need to purchase the product.  Provide a summary of the price, handling and shipping charge, schedule of delivery, terms of payment, returns and etc.  Also, let them confirm everything before they pay. It is by far the most convenient to communicate through email but make sure the right customer has the access on the account.
Spamming is now a worst threat that involves large companies. So to be sure, follow up from time to time by messaging or calling your buyer. 3.    The business does not fit the OwnerWe have our own distinct experiences and backgrounds. Business that works others might not necessarily work for you.

So, you must be sure that the business you decide on, is of your interest. Take into consideration the goals and objectives you want to attain.  It's your own attitude and comfort play the most vital part in determining the quality of your products as well as the success in your ebusiness.
4.    Getting Alone without asking adviceExperience is the best teacher as they say. Take advantage of asking a mentor to advice you on some ebusiness tips. He may provide you with a marketing program that will suit your ebusiness. At the same time, he will teach you how to be highly competitive and effective in marketing.

Also your mentor can take you one step forward on where you want to be, in a shortest achievable time. 5.    Unrealistic and Immeasurable Target TimePlanning cannot be easily done in just one sitting. A credible business should be flexible for strategic changes and delays.
If you need a professional web design, you need to communicate with a web designer to make everything clear, and to achieve what you want. After that, you need to spare a time for testing and editing your web design.  And once you're satisfied with the design, you will now allow a time for the optimization. You need to have someone do the link building for your website.

The entire process may take 2-3 months. Those are just basic mistakes that need to be avoided in writing your business plan. There are still more, but that's the important things you should keep on mind. Every business has its own downside, but if you are prepared, there's no need to worry that much.