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wooden furniture v/s plastic furniture

by Diana Lau (2020-05-16)

The artwork of furniture boosts the elegance of our home. Furniture exhibits completeness and adds flavor to home. People generally classify furniture in two categories; Wooden furniture usually termed as the solid, sturdy, and sustainable furniture it creates the magic in your space. The natural looks of the wooden furnishing lie in beautiful lines and patterns. Plastic one lacks in those classic and elegant looks, design, and texture. They do have trendy and chic furniture looks but yet lack uniqueness.

Glaze / Finish: 
Wooden furnishing comes with various finish variants depending on the type of wood. Sheesham wood furniture comes with three exquisite finishes to enhance your look. The three varied finishes are honey, walnut, and stone. Hence, Washington DC commercial cleaning company we can choose finishes according to our interiors whereas the plastic has its own shine but does not glow and glaze.

Atmosphere resistant :
Being a sturdy one, it is strong enough to handle the hottest summer , coldest winter and happy rains whereas plastic fails in doing so. They cannot handle summer heat and rains.

Revamping : 
Wooden beauties can be revamped at any point of time and can be revolutionized according to desire shape, size, and structure. Later, miserably fails in so .

Resale value:
The wooden beauties gain value not at the time of purchasing but also at the time of reselling it. Being a non-renewable resource, plastic ones do not shoot up any value in the mere future.