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Scouring the Internet – A Look at Scour, The New Social Search Engine that will Pay You to Search

by Normand Hugh (2020-05-17)

We all use search engines everyday for research. When we want to find something, we either Google it, go to Yahoo, or seo Singapore use some other search engine. For some of us, there is an insatiable curiosity that leads us to search on the search engines like an addict.

cost of implementing good <strong>singapore<\/strong> seo in 2019With all the time that we spend on search engines, we could often see this as time well wasted.

Enter Scour, a new search engine that was released in July of 2008.

Formerly, Scour has transformed itself into a social search engine, allowing its users to vote on the results that they feel are most relevant. Combining the search engines of Google, Yahoo, and MSN, the users can vote these results up or down, which changes the relevance of the search result.

Whats even better is that Scour pays its users to do the research. For each search, vote, or comment, users get awarded points. The user is awarded 1 point for searching, 2 points for voting, and 3 points for comments. When so many points are accumulated, They can be traded in for a $25 VISA gift card.

Scour does not guarantee that you will make a fortune from their search engine.  This does not mean that it is not worthwhile.  I think that its good to be able to vote on the search results that you want.  The rewards are not all too exciting but you can at least make a little money from it.  With all the searching that we do, shouldnt we get paid for it?