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Salons offer eyebrow plucking and even bikini waxing for girls as young as ELEVEN (and moms don't seem to mind)

by Tera Loughlin (2020-05-18)

Salons offer eyebrow plucking and even bikini waxing for girls as young as ELEVEN (and moms don't seem to mind)

By Daisy Dumas
Updated: 10:51 BST, 2 December 2011



Salons in New York and across the U.S. are finding a willing clientèle in little girls who have not yet even begun middle school.

From blow-outs to manicures, beauty therapists are seeing more and more very young girls seeking the latest beauty treatments.

Some salons reportedly go so far as to offer bikini waxes for girls - with one mother of an 11 year old apparently seeing nothing premature in the idea.

Necessity: Rose Gallagher considers waxing as a normal part of hygiene - even for girls as young as 11

Speaking with Good Morning America, mother Rose Gallagher, who has an 11-year-old daughter, sees the painful and intimate procedure as a necessity, she says.

'I feel it's part of hygiene... When it's appropriate and they need to, they'll be doing it.'

She says she feels that girls are 'better off starting young.'





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Speaking of her middle-school aged daughter, Kelly Burrus told the show: 'I would be fine with it if she's okay with the pain factor.'

The programme spoke with a selection of salons, all of whom do good trade from young girls.

The owner of New York salon Beehives and Buzzcuts, Karolyn Massey, told the ABC programme that 'there's always a market for little girls and giving them a little special time and a little love.'

Facial peel: The beauty industry is driving the premature sexualisation of young girls, says one expert

Plucking: The GMA programme sees 11-year-old Danielle Gallagher visiting a salon to have her eyebrows shaped

She has given her diminutive clients braiding parties, up-dos and even manicures for one-year-olds.

In preparation for her first dance, the show sees Ms Gallagher's daughter, Danielle, opting to have her eyebrows plucked, this time.

Other spas, such as New York City's Sothys Spa, provide coconut and lemon facials, while it is not uncommon for pre-teens to request hair relaxing treatments, says Ouidad, of Salon Ouidad.

She told the programme that she provides chemical treatments for girls as young as six.

The practices have caught the attention of critics, who see the pampering sessions as the early sexualisation of young girls.

It's important to teach children that it is what's on the inside that counts, suggests Dana Edell, founder of Spark, which aims to end the sexualisation of girls.

'The marketers are telling them, you're not pretty enough, so you need to wax your eyebrows and get your hair straightened'

'If you're telling your daughter... on a Saturday we're going to spend six hours at the salon getting our toes done and our eyebrows done and straightening our hair, what are we actually teaching her about what's important?' she told the ABC.

'They think it's important to spend their time and their money is on things that are making them look prettier and prettier.'

Far from the apparently innocent up-do and Baltimore braiding salon parties, or the Shirley Temple blow-outs offered at New York's Drybar, she sees a more cynical side to the operation.

She says that the beauty industry has much to blame for the obsession with looking perfect. 'The marketers are definitely telling them, you're not pretty enough, so you need to buy makeup and you need to wax your eyebrows and get your hair straightened. You need to change all of these things about yourself,' she told GMA.

And being a young, pre-teen girl, makes you especially susceptible to the message, she believes: 'I feel like little girls are just the biggest target right now.'

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