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Alkaline ionized water - good water "cherish" people with stomach pain

by Alycia Cadle (2020-05-23)

Gastro-duodenal ulcer is a very common disease and is regarded as the "disease of modern society" today. Peptic ulcer directly affects the quality of life. People with stomach disease if regularly drink alkaline ionized water will help support the lining of the stomach lining to work more efficiently, transport nutrients into and out of cells; Improve the functioning status of weak or damaged cells.
Situation of gastric disease in Vietnam

According to Specialist II Do Thi Ngoc Diep, former director of Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center, said at the seminar "Is alkaline water good for people with stomach pain?", In Vietnam 7% of people have joint disease It is related to stomach and 50% of adults are at risk of gastric diseases. About working age is about 25% of people infected. Most gastric disease is peptic ulcer, accounting for up to 50%. In addition, gastric cancer is rejuvenating with 25-30% of cases under the age of 40.

People who are susceptible to diseases are office workers, stress, students, students, drivers, shift workers, late-night laborers, abusers, and chronic illnesses. take medicine regularly ...

Gastric pathology easily causes stomach ulcers (ie, weakened stomach), ro purifiers if not treated well, deeper ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding. Failure to immediately intervene or allow severe gastrointestinal bleeding will be life-threatening. It also causes damage to the lining of the stomach, changes cells and causes cancer.
People with stomach ulcers often experience feelings of fullness, indigestion, nausea or vomiting. These symptoms are repeated over and over, making the person more stressed. Consequently, it affects the absorption and metabolism of nutrients. Therefore, most people with stomach pain are often thin, weak, malnourished but worse than exhausted. This affects the productivity and quality of life of the infected person.

The cause of the disease is due to inappropriate nutrition, frequent stress. Some infectious pathologies, especially HP (Helicobacter pylori) infection - are common in the cause of gastric ulcer. In addition, people who have the habit of self-drinking painkillers, anti-inflammatory, alcohol abuse also lead to stomach ulcers.

Expert advice for people with stomach problems

People with stomach disease should not eat acidic foods, make the stomach pH lower, the gastric juice secretes too much, damage the mucous membranes more, including foods: More sour (orange , lemon, tangerine, pickles, nem chua); Contains insoluble fiber that makes it difficult for your stomach to change (bamboo shoots, celery, water spinach); foods high in fat, high in sugar, giving off steam (soft drinks, carbonated drinks, turnips, cabbage); Spices increase the secretion of gastric juice (pepper, chili); Salty foods (dried fish, dried shrimp, salty braised fish, salty braised meat).

Eat foods: Absorbent (bread, soft cooked rice, cereals (oats), biscuits); High in soluble fiber to help neutralize nutrients (whole grains, bananas, apples); Opt for alkaline foods to neutralize acids (white protein (lean chicken meat), lean pigs, beans (including tofu); soft, fresh mushrooms like straw mushrooms, should not choose mushrooms much fiber like cat mushrooms ...).

In addition to the food, drinking water is also an issue to focus on. According to Dr. Ngoc Diep, if a person has a stomachache, if he does not drink water, the pH will drop even lower, so he has to drink a lot of water and break down the drinks. Avoid drinks that increase gastric juice such as carbonated water, soft drinks. Beer and wine are acids rather than water, which causes the pH to drop, causing more serious stomach damage.

Instead, during treatment, preferably alkaline pH water should be preferred. Some common types of water purifier in nature such as tap water are usually not alkaline, some mineral water is natural spring water will be alkaline.

When choosing alkaline water, note the following factors: electrolytes and ions. Water has electrolyte and ionic existence which helps support gastric mucosa cells to function more efficiently, transporting nutrients into and out of cells; cells are weak, lesions work better; The cell membrane is encapsulated, protected, from which the wound heals faster, without further damage to the cell. At this time, the acid in the stomach is also neutralized, helping the use of drugs for more effective treatment.

Regarding the impact of alkaline ionized water on people with stomach pain, Dr. Diep said that this water has an alkaline pH, helps neutralize acidity, helps to bring the pH in the stomach back to normal physiological level. . In addition, H + (hydrogen ion) in water has antioxidant properties, helping the stomach lining to be better protected. Smaller water molecules should assist as a solvent to metabolize nutrients in the stomach, helping weaken stomach cells.

Normally in the country there are some electrolytes.