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Discover the truth about alkaline water

by Devon Nanney (2020-05-23)

Using alkaline water is the trend of many people who believe that this is good water for the body, even to prevent even dangerous diseases. So, what is alkaline water and is its effect so magical? More importantly, are alkaline water being tested and found to remove residual contaminants from the water?

Alkaline water, also known as alkaline water, is determined based on the pH of the water. Specifically, the pH index measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution to assess acidity or alkalinity. An acidic solution has a high concentration of hydrogen ions, while a basic (alkaline) solution has a low concentration of hydrogen ions. Accordingly, the pH> 7, the more alkaline the solution, the greater the 7 the stronger the alkaline and vice versa <7, the more acidic the water will be. pH = 7 is considered neutral water. The pH of pure water that has been filtered through buy ro purifiers technology is in the range of 6.5 to 7.

Alkaline water is usually treated with an ion generator, which raises the pH through an electrolysis process. Manufacturers of alkaline water purifiers have announced their equipment uses electrolysis to separate the acidic and alkaline components from the incoming water. From there, they can remove some water molecules or add electrons to control the desired pH.

Alkaline water is water with a pH index greater than 7
The cost of an alkaline water device is up to tens of millions of dong, so many families now choose to create their own alkaline water solution using baking soda, pH drops ... However, it should be noted that Alkaline water does not mean eliminating all bacteria, solids dissolved in water.


The popular trend of using alkaline water is partly due to families influenced by the "winged" advertisements of manufacturers that help beautify the skin, improve health and even resist cancer. Explaining the benefits of an alkaline diet helps your body fight acidity (but not all acids are harmful to the body). Thanks to faster absorption of antioxidants into the bloodstream, alkaline water helps slow down the aging process. In addition, alkaline water helps protect the intestinal tract because of its ability to reduce adverse oxidation, increase resistance, stabilize blood pressure, and lose weight. Some other "strong" claims are that alkaline water filter boosts the immune system, better hydration, cancer-fighting properties and detoxifying properties.

These marketing prompts many people to think that drinking alkaline ionized water is guaranteed to be healthy while there have not been any in-depth and extensive research on these uses. Be aware that our bodies have a mechanism to regulate the pH of our blood to neutral if an imbalance occurs. The pH in the blood must be at a fixed level with a very small, very strict amplitude compared to the fluctuation of both blood sugar and blood fat. Besides, it is necessary to consider whether the alkaline water methods are suitable with the living water source of the current living environment. The way the family must ensure that the first standard for drinking water for daily use is water that does not contain any harmful substances to health.

Is alkaline water being exaggerated in its use?


Can risky water cause any risk?
There is a lack of quality studies and is wide enough to confirm the use of alkaline water as a treatment for health problems or benefits of alkaline water. Studies on the benefits of alkaline water have only been conducted on a very small number of people, only about 100 people or in mouse experiments, so it is difficult to confirm the universal applicability.

In addition, the quality of alkaline water machines depends on the quality of the water supply. For example, using tap water for an alkaline machine will not filter out any major contaminants such as lead, mercury, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and so on. The only standard for alkalinity that cannot be guaranteed is that water does not contain any harmful substances.

According to a study by the Environmental Work Organization (EWG) in the US, more than 316 pollutants have been found in drinking water. More than 60% of these pollutants have no standards and are not regulated.

Drinking alkaline water also has the risk of disrupting the body's normal pH level and can lead to unhealthy effects. In some extreme cases, an alkaline diet can cause metabolic alkalosis - the pH of your blood can rise above normal levels causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, tremor, and seizures. and tingling in the face, hands or feet.

Risks when using alkaline water should be considered


The human body works with a complex and delicate system to maintain equilibrium. The body's organs play an important role in balancing the nervous system, circulatory system and metabolic rate, and each organ has its own pH level. Disrupting this balance by drinking alkaline water is an unnecessary risk.