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Five Date Night Movies For Your Next First Date

by Dennis Atkinson (2020-05-09)

The type of movies which are best for taking someone to on a first date, can be pretty tricky. You want that first date to be so enjoyable to your partner that a second date becomes a no-brainer, not a 'maybe, as long as i'm not doing anything else'. In other words, the movie you both see on that first date has to be a killer, one that involves and engages your date so thoroughly that it's remembered for a long time afterward.

You might go out to dinner or stop for coffee afterward, but the movie will be the centerpiece of your evening, so it just has to be right, and it has to be a film that your partner really enjoys. That being the case, here are five 'can't miss' films, each of which will be so thoroughly enjoyed by your date that it will certainly lead to that all-important second date.

Singin' in the Rain

You may have seen short clips of this legendary film, but seeing the whole thing will be a genuine movie-going experience for you and your date. Starring the great on-screen dancers Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds, the plot revolves around a silent-film company which is facing the difficult cross-over to sound films. The awesome singing and dancing scenes are extraordinary, even by today's standards.

Gone With the Wind

This is another classic film which is long on romance, and has the additional charm of being set in the South during Civil War times, when plantation owners tried hard to be chivalrous and charming. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh are the two stars, he being a roguish gentleman, and she being a master manipulator, and both of them work hard to see the good in each other.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling gives a tremendous performance as a lover of jazz and dance, and Emma Stone is his love in this recent film. Both are striving to jump-start their careers and along the way, they find each other and a searing romance ensues. He is a pianist and she's an actress, and their art pulls them together for a time - and then tears them apart.

A Star is Born

This is an exceptional remake of an earlier film which Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand starred in (which was itself a remake of an earlier film starring Judy Garland and James Mason), and you might think those duos would be hard to top. But Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, and Lady Gaga all give outstanding performances in this wonderful story of a starlet who makes it big, and the music is just as good as the acting. As Bradley Cooper's career hits the skids, he promotes his young protege, who finds her star with his help - but then loses her biggest supporter.

The Princess Bride

A charming fantasy starring Cary Elwes and Robin Wright, this tale centers around a farmboy who becomes a pirate, and embarks on a quest to find his true love. The obstacles along the way are delightful, as is the love story itself, and this is a film which can be enjoyed by just about everyone, whether you appreciate pirates and princesses or not.

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