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‘Movieland' figures seem to have got stuck somewhere in the 90s

by Jamika Crenshaw (2020-05-10)

Are these North America's worst waxworks? ‘Movieland' figures bear only a passing resemblance to the stars they're supposed to be… and seem to have got stuck somewhere in the 90s

3 months agoModels include an unrecognisable George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven and even Michelle and Barack Obama

The museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, promises it has the most 'intriguing' display of wax sculptures

By Steph Cockroft

Published: 09:40 GMT, 10 June 2014 | Updated: 13:32 GMT, 10 June 2014




It boasts that it has the most 'intriguing' display of wax sculptures - and that's certainly not a false advertisement.

But it seems the creations at the Movielands Wax Museum of the Stars might be intriguing for all the wrong reasons. 

Visitors to the museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, might find themselves not only trying to work out which waxwork they are looking at, but trying to cast their mind back to the film in which they starred.

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Clever disguise? Waxwork versions of George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, who starred in Ocean's Eleven, 토렌트 순위 Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen, are just some of the models on show at the museum in Ontario, Canada

No, baby, no: The museum features celebrities from the music and film world, including Austin Powers, left, who was huge in the 90s, and an in-demand Miley Cyrus, right - but from her more demure days as Hannah Montana

Recognise these Hollywood stars? Michelle and Barack Obama get a wax makeover at the Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars - even though it features stars from the film and entertainment world

The collection of works bills itself as a walk through 'entertainment history' - but it seems to have largely forgotten about any history past 2000. 

While many big stars are featured in the display, they are either unrecognisable in their wax forms or are from films which they starred in during the 1990s. 

The exhibition does feature scenes from classic films, including the likes of Marlon Brando from the Godfather and Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven.



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Share But the display also includes an unrecognisable version of heartthrob George Clooney as Danny Ocean in Ocean's Eleven, as well a confusing version of Colin Pharrell in Phone Booth - despite him having starred in several more blockbusters since that film was made in 2002.

And those hoping to catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus might be confused - because she has been mocked up as Hannah Montana, a role she played as youngster on the Disney Channel.

The exhibition also features a questionable version of Michelle and Barack Obama - despite it being home to the 'stars' from the 'movie and entertainment world'. 

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Eddie Murphy as Dr Doolittle and onscreen legend Meryl Streep - in no specific role - are arguably two of the more life-like models at the waxwork exhibition

Joke-r? Jack Nicholson as he starred in Batman - in 1989 - pictured left, while Superman is given a spot - but using Christopher Reeve from the 1978 film

Halle Berry and John Travolta are on display at the museum for their parts in Swordfish, made in 2001, while a baffled-looking Tom Hanks is shown in his seminal role as Forrest Gump - one of the biggest films of the nineties

Other odd-looking models include Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction, Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump and Elijah Woods as Frodo from the Lord of the Rings.

And the reviews on TripAdvisor will not have done much to boost the curator's confidence.

One review said he and his guests had a great time at the museum - because they could not stop laughing at the adaptation of the famous characters.

Another person said it was 'comical' to look at the models, which looked 'nothing' like the real people, while one reviewer described it as 'by far the worst wax museum I've ever visited anywhere in the world'.

Who's there? A barely recognisable Colin Farrell is featured from the 2002 film Phone Booth, while Clint Eastwood is given a spot for his role in Unforgiven

The Odd-father: A confused-looking Marlon Brando is one of the waxworks on display for his role in The Godfather

Elijah Woods as an expressionless Frodo and Ian McKellen as Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, left, while what appears to be Freddy Krueger is pictured right

Paul Hogan as he starred in Crocodile Dundee is one of the more life-looking characters at the museum - which reviewers have said is a 'laughable' collection of waxworks

A young-looking Michael Douglas and Glenn Close star in a a scene in Fatal Attraction, left, while the King of Rock n' Roll Elvis Presley is given a spot for his 'numerous' TV appearances, right

The Movieland Wax Museum at Niagara Falls, Canada, has received mainly bad reviews on TripAdvisor, with one saying the models looked 'nothing like' their characters