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Ideas To Renovate Your Wooden Garden Furniture

by Jennie Wheaton (2020-05-11)

Nothing can beat the rustic charm of Wooden garden furniture. But for it to last a long time and look great, it needs to be maintained regularly. The most suitable time for this is the beginning of a new season. In this article, I will give some simple tips to help you refresh your garden benches and outdoor furniture sets before putting them back in the backyard.

Inspection And Cleaning After Winter

Your wooden garden furniture is likely to look a bit shabby if it had been stored in a barn or on a terrace throughout the winter. In order to restore it to its original state, you will have to make a comprehensive examination of its condition first. Afterwards, you may follow these tips to clean it thoroughly:

Remove excessive dirt, dust, and cobwebs using a stiff bristle brush.

Tighten the loose screws and replace the missing ones, check the stability of tables, chairs and armchairs.

Wash the furniture thoroughly with a mild soapy solution, rinse and allow it to dry naturally.

Check the effect of soapy solution on an inconspicuous surface area first so that you may not end up damaging the furniture.

Surface Update

For the manufacturers of wooden garden furniture, I would suggest the use Scandinavian wood as it can withstand the negative impacts of the harsh British climate. Other woods, in comparison (such as aspen, pine) are soft, so they require reliable protection.

However, one must always keep in mind that each type of wood has its own methods of preserving strength and natural beauty.

Scandinavian wood

The first step that you must carry out with your scandinavian wooden garden furniture is to carry out a thorough cleaning. For this purpose, you may use warm water and a neutral soap, completely forgetting the gesture of using detergents since they can be too acidic for the wood.


The European wood types (oak, acacia, larch, beech) are not inferior to exotic wood in density, but they have their own characteristics. For example, acacia is prone to cracking and oak when exposed to the air can darken quite quickly. Such wood materials need to be updated annually with a protective layer.

To process new oak furniture, it is better not to use oil from which the product turns black, but water-based varnish. Oak contains a sufficient amount of tannins, which preserves the natural beauty of garden furniture.

However, if you use oak furniture for more than ten years, some of the natural protection will be lost, so after this period it is better to oil the wood.

Coniferous Wood

Keep in mind that pine is mostly used by the manufacturers of outdoor furniture. Since it is soft, it must not be left untreated. Otherwise, after a couple of years, it will crack, moisture will fall into the cracks, which will cause it to rot and destroy your garden furniture from the inside.

After winter, this furniture needs to be washed, dried and covered with a new layer of oil or varnish. To protect the wood from fungus and insects, it is recommended to impregnate it with an antiseptic before applying the first outer layer.

The second option for updating pine furniture is painting. Best of all, the material will be protected by azure, oil paints, weather-resistant alkyd enamels. To ensure that the color is even, they usually apply the same paint as the previous one used, or a similar shade.


Following these simple tips, you will extend the life of your wooden furniture experts for many years and every season it will look like new.

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