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Guidelines for improved efficiency in a flyer distribution company

by Tyrone Crutchfield (2020-05-11)

anninh<strong>haiphong<\/strong>.net - 【第三极户外】7.30-8.4最美湖Advertising is very crucial for the success of a company or a product. There are various guidelines to be followed for the design of a flyer and also to get the most out of a flyer marketing strategy. Here we will take references from NZ flyer distribution companies, though the same fundamental holds true for other regions with a few amendments.

How to design an effective flyer?

Flyers can be designed digitally with the help of appropriate software or manually using pencils, pen and colours and then doing a photocopy of the flyer.

Planning is an important foundation stage. Before going for the design, consider all the important topics that the flyer must contain such as price of the product, its availability, any special offers etc. and also its design, images to be added, font etc.

Hues and saturation of colour in flyer makes a large impact on the minds of readers.

Size of the flyer should depend on its purpose and ability of the printer.

A snappy headline must be added in no more than a few words, centred and which fits in a single line across the page. It should be in capital letters, bold font and simple and able to capture everyone