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Supervision of The Implementation of The Ministry of Culture Developers Fled Sns is Silly

by Diane Cardus (2020-05-12)

Some people say, Facebook entry into the Chinese market will put pressure on the domestic SNS, SNS development companies are worried about a number of lion on his threat. Or strong resistance to escape? With the recent Ministry of Culture for the sns gaming market regulation, domestic cowardly suspect fled overseas developers choose to avoid, but ignored the Facebook presence of the lion.

SNS is more conducive to market development, 유로247 monitoring

Recently the Ministry of Culture of 36 domestic companies have launched a second batch of SNS control, the developers learned SNS also need to have millions of registered capital. As the pages in the implementation of regulation time game, web game development companies also worry about can not stand the constraints, but now nothing more than look at these provisions is to increase the threshold for companies to reduce every one of the development studio, to prevent the spread of cottage products.

Facebook passed into the domestic affairs of the uproar, some large companies want to cooperate. Second thought a year ago, "World of Warcraft" twists and turns to approve the event, the legitimate joint venture do not lead to 'WLK' approval has not carried into the country is now Facebook has a joint venture or sole proprietorship may have been the limitations of the policy, the relevant departments expressly to support the domestic original.

Today, SNS government regulation can explain this emphasis will also be developed in the SNS to support the original strength. Well, according to this situation, Facebook also dofus kamas will be dominant in the country it?

Silly escape extreme domestic SNS

Recently, the media broke: If the government set the threshold too high may also result in a number of third-party developers to speed up the "sea", "would have had now many developers improve the product on the domestic platform, to the intention of operating on a global Facebook , of course, Facebook requires a global platform to promote a considerable cost, which also makes the developers did not dare to act rashly. The present situation may cause many developers to reconsider the platform to Facebook and other overseas operations.

Saying said: "the body is a soft pillow." Really want to do things the developers want to make high quality products, this product is not only legitimate, buy cheap wow gold but also has good potential in the domestic market. We need to face to face supervision of SNS, is simply raising the threshold is to wow gold us reduce the "cottage products" good enough just to clean the SNS market environment. This kind of thing the developers who want to do things is a good thing, why did he choose to flee their homes overseas, it?

In Facebook there are also many overseas not only a platform similar to Facebook, they will not be bullied "stranger"? Your product is manufactured by the domestic culture and foreign users are able to receive such a culture, and products. In addition, various foreign and domestic laws and regulations, costs several times higher than domestic, and started from scratch, whether the thought of these issues before fleeing.

As Comsenz as described by Dai Zhikang CEO, Facebook will acclimatized to enter China. Other media said that Facebook is Yangqiangyangbao, cultural differences are difficult to get the likes of domestic users. As the domestic as developers fled abroad, first thing to consider is whether to acclimatize.

Visible, SNS regulation more good than harm, the game industry is also a stage of development must be to escape can not solve the problem. Game developers have the city that the domestic market in the country has a certain status, give up the position in the market for many years to flee abroad, no doubt from scratch. Not only lost their status and will hit the exclusion of foreign developers.

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