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Whose picture is on the $19 bill? What 4 words appear on every US coin? Can't think? Do you know? If you want to become a writer pay attention to the 5 senses

by Zella Paling (2020-05-12)

Whose picture is on the $19 bill?

What 4 words appear on every US coin?

Can't think? Do you know?

If you want to become a writer pay attention to the 5 senses.

The huge turkey that had been stuffed with chestnut, apple and onions hit the nostrils when it came out of the oven. The roast potatoes had just enough crust to crunch when you ate. The light green fresh sprouts taken a few minutes before from the garden had garden mint added to the water.....

Did you feel as though you were at the table - were you tasting it?

Develop your five senses to the point were they become a habit. I could go on but I'm sure you have the message.

You must, just in case you're not now, become curious about everything, because all around you are potential plots from books, newspapers, magazines or even an ad could spark something off.

Get in practise and you won't even know you are looking. Suddenly in front of you is a valuable source of inspiration for aiesha robinson a writer of fiction or non-fiction.

In one of my books about Writing Your Novel, I list as one section 2,382 plot ideas. Enough to keep you going but you can always add to them.

Tools of the trade. Many people will tell you that you need 23 books on writing, desks, stacks of pencils or some just say use your computer. Piffle.

I'll tell you what you need. Pack of letter size paper. A pen or biro. Dictionary and a Thesaurus - and the IDEA. Finish.

Chuck the computer in the bin. Seriously. You do not need a computer to start. You can use it later. Believe me, it's best to use, in most cases, paper. Use the computer when you start typing it up. You will find you will also make a better job of it because you are looking at it, in a new fresh light. Use only 1 side of the paper. Leave a margin to make any notes.

As I write this, head down, pen scribbling away, ideas jumping into mind, put note of that in margin, keep scribbling - no crashing of computers.

I keep my notes till I have completed the book and only when it's published do I file it away.

Finished writing for today. Wish I could type as fast as I can write. Mind you mine does come out like a Doctors writing.

So now it's computer time. Type all your writings in. Start changing words. Of course you will. It gets better because by doing this you are already on your second draft. Use the spell and grammar checker. Use your computer for research.

Come the day when even the kids know what you are doing, their friends arrive and see you. Rocking or balancing on a chair. Hands on head. Looking up somewhere. They say what's your Dad doing?

In chorus! "He's writing a book"

You think. You write. You start scribbling furiously. Get it down. Get it down. It's brilliant.  All part of a writers life. Your life will never be the same. Rest assured.....till next time!

Writing Your Novel details can be found at Barry's site.

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