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JFK's notes revealing adultery fears sells for $25k

by Lovie McKerihan (2020-05-13)

No-holds-barred notes by JFK revealing his fears about his adultery being exposed have sold for $25,000.

The 98 pages of notes were made throughout 1960 as John F. Kennedy was in the midst of a fiery presidential campaign.

Kennedy wrote down his thoughts to communicate with aides when he lost his voice on the election trail.

Fears over being exposed for his love of blonde women: 'I suppose they are going to hit me with something before we are finished'

In one note, thought to date from October 1960, JFK writes: 'I got into the blondes'

John F. Kennedy seated next to his wife Jacqueline, who is reading to their daughter Caroline

There was speculation that wife Jackie feared that if JFK's relationship with Monroe became public, she would disclose his other affair with Judith Campbell Exner, who was linked to mafia boss Sam Giancana

Pictured: Personal notes revealing JFK's fears about his adulterous behavior have sold for $25,000 via Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas

In one note, he confided that his love of blonde women could come back to haunt him if it became common knowledge ahead of the vote.

In another note, tour thác bản giốc từ hà nội thought to date from October 1960, when asked about potential post-election holiday plans, he wrote: 'If I win maybe Florida or Puerto Rico.

'I suppose that if I win my poon (an old naval term for sex) days are over.'

He then expresses his fear about this becoming public: 'I suppose they are going to hit me with something before we are finished.'

Los Angeles, July 9, 1960 -  John F. Kennedy greets a crowd of supporters and journalists for the Democratic National Convention

On the reverse is another sexual reference. JFK, who married his brunette wife Jackie in 1953, scribbled down: 'I got into the blondes.'

As well as his adulterous side the notes also provide a fascinating insight into his volatile state of mind as the pressure ratcheted up in the contest.

He often used foul language unbecoming to his polished image while insulting his opponents and members of the press, calling one of them a b*****d.

The notes reveal Kennedy was aware of the importance of the 'racial issue' in America and how crucial it could be to his election chances.

On one occasion, he wrote: 'Should I bring in the racial issue. I had planned to speak about Civil Rights earlier in the day.'

The notes, made on yellow legal pads and sold by Heritage Auctions of Texas, were owned for many years by a private collector

JFK was stuck down by laryngitis on the campaign trail and was instructed by his doctor and speech coach not to speak while travelling.

An assistant by the name of Janet DesRosiers was tasked with making sure that he didn't speak.

The notes, made on yellow legal pads, were owned by many years by a private collector.

They went under the hammer with Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas.

Curtis Linder, specialist at Heritage, said: 'A woman by the name of Janet Des Rosiers, who had been Joe Kennedy's long-time mistress and personal assistant and who was now traveling on Kennedy's plane, was tasked with making sure that he didn't speak.

'She kept him supplied with legal pads so he could communicate with those around him and still keep enough of his voice to make speeches and tour hồ ba bể từ hà nội talk to reporters.

'JFK was a prolific doodler and these notes give a fascinating insight into his state of mind during the vigorous campaign.

'Some of the language and content of these notes would certainly have shocked many members of the electorate of that day.

'He would certainly not have wanted his note about liking blondes to go public!

'There was always debate about whether he was having affairs with Marilyn Monroe and interns at the White House.

'This archive is a historical treasure, as it is highly unlikely that original material offering such an insight into the landmark 1960 election will be offered again.'