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The best on demand TV to watch this week

by Ervin Bousquet (2020-05-13)


The Eddy

The Eddy is a jazz club in an unfashionable part of Paris. It's owned by Elliot (André Holland), an American musician who's fighting to keep the place running while trying to get his difficult relationship with his teenage daughter back on track. 

New drama, The Eddy, is written by Jack Thorne, of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child fame, and set in a Parisian jazz club. Joanna Kulig (above) plays a hard-drinking singer

There's a shocking death in the first episode but, despite the drama, this arty, eight-part series feels like a vehicle for the music more than anything else. 

Joanna Kulig features as a hard-drinking singer in a show where performances and jams are all filmed on jerky hand-held cameras. It's written by Jack Thorne, of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child fame, and the first two parts are directed by La La Land's Damien Chazelle. From Friday


The Wrong Missy

David Spade heads the cast of this silly but charming romantic comedy. He plays Tim who, after years of searching, thinks he's finally found the woman of his dreams. After a bout of online flirting he asks her to accompany him to his company's corporate retreat on an island resort. 

Or at least that's what he thinks he's done - until a former blind date, with whom he spent the evening from hell, turns up at the airport. There are no prizes for guessing what happens next, but it's a lot of fun watching it all pan out. From Friday



This documentary is an intimate look behind the scenes of the life of former US First Lady Michelle Obama as she embarks on a 34-city tour du lịch đài loan giá rẻ to promote her memoir. After eight years in the White House, she is struck by the sense of community she encounters and the power created from people sharing stories. From Wednesday.


The Tiger King And I

Tiger King took the world by storm with 64 million viewers tuning in to learn about the crazy life of eccentric, mullet-sporting zoo owner Joe Exotic, who kept more than 200 tigers and lions at his animal park in Oklahoma. The Netflix series focuses on Joe's bitter rivalry with animal-rights activist Carole Baskin. Their feud becomes so intense that he hires a hitman to kill her. 

Tiger King took the world by storm with 64 million viewers tuning in to learn about the crazy life of eccentric zoo owner Joe Exotic (above). Netflix has now released a new 'aftershow' 

Netflix has now released this new ‘aftershow', which is every bit as entertaining. Comedian and super-fan Joel McHale catches up with some key members of the cast. The zoo's head keeper Erik Cowie still works at the zoo, while owner Jeff Lowe is also interviewed, as is former employee Saff Saffery, whose arm was bitten off by a tiger. 

Meanwhile, John Reinke, the former zoo manager with two amputated legs, says he'd like Matthew McConaughey to play him in the planned Tiger King film. Sadly, Carole Baskin is not seen in this footnote, and Joe Exotic is serving a 22-year sentence that everyone seems to agree was thoroughly well deserved. Available now


Dead To Me

A powerful friendship blossoms between widow Jen (Christina Applegate), whose husband was killed by a hit-and-run driver, and Judy (Linda Cardellini), who grieves for her fiancé, when they meet at a therapy group for bereft spouses in this black comedy series. 

Season two of the black comedy about the friendship between widows Judy (Linda Cardellini) & Jen (Christina Applegate, both above) picks up right after the dramatic ending of season one

The different ways they deal with their grief leads to a deep bond between them, but things soon turn sour when Judy's dark secret causes a disturbing plot twist, ending the first season on a dramatic cliffhanger. 

Picking up in the aftermath of a bloody backyard reveal, the irrepressible pair once again struggle to keep their secrets buried in season two. With a surprising new visitor in town, a character returning from the dead and Detective Perez (Diana-Maria Riva) hot on their heels, Jen and Judy take drastic measures to protect their loved ones and each other, no matter the cost. From Friday




Based on a concept created by Bruce Lee (his daughter Shannon is one of the executive producers), this action series takes place during the Tong gang wars in late-1870s San Francisco. 

Andrew Koji (above with Joanna Vanderham) plays a Chinese martial-arts prodigy who travels to America in search of his sister in this 1870s-set drama based on a concept by Bruce Lee

British actor Andrew Koji, whose previous work includes appearances in Call The Midwife and Peaky Blinders, plays Ah Sahm, a Chinese martial-arts prodigy who travels to America in search of his missing sister. His arrival isn't a happy one - Ah Sahm is sold to a gangster and becomes embroiled in dangerous events out of his control. NOW TV/Sky On Demand, available now


A Fine Romance

Remember this gentle sitcom from the days when Judi Dench was yet to become an international star? The series was written by The Good Life co-creator Bob Larbey and sees Dench play Laura, a translator whose sister lines her up with shy gardener Mike (Dench's late, real-life husband Michael Williams). 

The pair are, however, like chalk and cheese, and over the course of four series (all of which are being made available) we see them get together, break up and reunite several times. 

Delightful and with some delicious one-liners, they don't make them like this any more. Dench also sings the theme tune and reteamed with Larbey for As Time Goes By a decade later. BritBox, from Thursday



Sam Neill first worked with Anna Paquin when she was a precocious ten-year-old. He played her stepfather in period drama The Piano; she won an Oscar for her role as Holly Hunter's daughter. They reunite 27 years later in the slick comedy-drama's second series. 

He plays Duncan, who is about to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife and London PR company boss Caroline (Sophie Okonedo). Robyn (Paquin), meanwhile, pulls out all the stops at Caroline's firm, despite multiple problems in her private life. Sky/Virgin, available now


Prop Culture

Presenter Dan Lanigan is like a kid in a sweet shop throughout this eight-part series. A collector of movie memorabilia, he has been let loose inside the Disney archives, which store costumes, props, set designs and tour du lịch đài loan giá rẻ từ hà nội more from much-loved films such as the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie and The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Lanigan discusses each object he finds with those who created it and the actors who used them - and then he puts them back where he found them, of course. Disney+, available now


Code 404

Stephen Graham plays it for laughs in this new show - and that alone makes this comedy worth tuning in for. Daniel Mays plays John Major (not that one), a detective who is killed during an undercover sting

However, the small matter of death doesn't prevent him from doing his duty and he returns as part of an AI initiative, allowing him to work alongside his old partner Roy Carver (Graham). But it soon becomes clear that John isn't quite the man he used to be… NOW TV/Sky on Demand, now available


To Walk Invisible

How did three sisters living in a parsonage on the edge of the Yorkshire moors come to write some of the greatest, most enduring novels in the English language? 

Writer and director Sally Wainwright's intense two-hour drama focuses on the dynamics of a family beset by money worries, exploring Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë's relationships with each other and with their wastrel brother Branwell. 

Tremendous performances from the whole cast but Chloe Pirrie as Wuthering Heights author Emily is particularly brilliant. BritBox, from Thursday


In Search Of Greatness

Built around interviews with football legend Pelé, Canadian ice hockey player Wayne ‘the Great One' Gretzky and American footballer Jerry Rice, this documentary explores just what it is that makes record-breaking athletes better than everyone else. It's not necessarily speed or strength or build. It's something more difficult to measure or quantify: tour du lịch đài loan giá rẻ creativity. Various digital platforms, from Wednesday


The Mandalorian

Monday is unofficially known as Star Wars Day (as in ‘May the Fourth be with you'), and to mark that occasion Disney+ has the global premiere of not one but two huge Star Wars properties. 

Celebrate May the fourth with two global premieres on Disney+ - the free debut of The Rise Of Skywalker and a new series going behind the scenes of hit drama, The Mandalorian (above)

First is the debut - for free - of the most recent film, The Rise Of Skywalker, and second is a new series that goes behind the scenes on its own, The Mandalorian. 

Add in the fact that the series is also available as a bingeable box set from today and it's enough to keep any budding Jedi happy. Disney+, from Monday