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Altitude sickness drug helps man, 48, lose 9.7lbs

by Lucy Wayn (2020-05-15)

The altitude sickness drug acetazolamide helped a man lose 9.7lbs (4.4kg) in just six weeks by making fizzy drinks taste flat. Although normally prescribed at 250mg, he took just 125mg

An altitude sickness drug helped a man lose 9.7lbs (4.4kg) in just six weeks by making fizzy drinks taste flat.  

The obese 48-year-old would get through up to eight sugary drinks a day, which made up a staggering 42 per cent of his daily calorie intake.

After trying to give up his fizzy drink addiction several times, doctors prescribed him the altitude-sickness drug acetazolamide.

The unnamed man, from New York, cut the drinks out of his diet when the drug caused them to lose their effervescent taste.

This helped him consume up to 1,104 fewer calories a day and meant he lost weight without making any other changes to his lifestyle.

The man complained to doctors at New York University School of Medicine that he was struggling to lose weight despite exercising and making several attempts to diet.

Although otherwise healthy, he would get through between six and eight non-diet sodas a day, which he often ate with snacks like crisps and biscuits. 

He tried, damn unsuccessfully, to cut fizzy drinks out of his diet numerous times.

Doctors therefore prescribed him a daily dose of 125mg of acetazolamide.