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Re: Healthy Living Diet - Extreme Health Now

by mr mua ban thuoc tay (2019-11-19)

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From 5-6h: Prepare to wake up

Each person is required to sleep about 7 hours. Getting enough sleep helps the brain make a more effective method.

When you wake up, you must maintain the posture, then rub your abdomen with your hands clockwise widely. This action helps regulate blood gas in the abdomen to help absorb and digest in the morning is smooth.

From 7-8h: Ẳn a nutritious breakfast

Opening the day with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee and starchy foods like bread, porridge and a piece of fruit will help you possess enough nutrition and energy.

10h: Ẳn the seeds

The seeds with high nutritional value but extremely indigestible, not to eat at the barking breakfast. Experts encourage you to eat dry seeds during 9-10h. Some nuts are good for health, especially the heart and brain such as almonds and walnuts.

12h: Lunch

Lunch, the amount of food should not be much but rich and spacious. If you're an office worker, you can buy vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, pumpkins, greens and an extra meat dish. Each dish not only brings nutrition but also stimulates taste through color.

13h: Take a nap for 30 minutes

Napping is a time for you to "recharge" your mind to rest and your stomach makes digestion work.

14h: Drink a cup of tea or coffee

This is a good time to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Studies show that drinking tea or coffee will not affect the sleep at night and limit the risk of cancer caused by antioxidants.

16h: Drink a glass of milk

Depending on the condition and needs of each person, you may or may not drink milk at 16h. However, if the work requires a lot of physical, you have to add a glass of milk.

18-20h: Dinner

Dinner is not as widely eaten as a light breakfast and lunch, otherwise it will affect sleep. A dinner with family, sharing work and life will help you relieve stress.

21-22h: personal work and go to bed before 23h

You do not have to make things too diverse after 22h by overloading the brain, adversely affecting the health and performance of the next day. Ideally, try to arrange your work, go to bed before 23:00 and get up early.


Re: Re: Healthy Living Diet - Extreme Health Now

by mr mua ban thuoc tay (2019-11-19)

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