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by mr mua ban thuoc tay (2019-11-19)

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The famous physician under the reign of Emperor Can Long, Tran Nguyen Can, took the task of acquiring precious remedies to extend his life. He took a boat to Japan to learn, choose and rise to be the Grand Master of the Jiujitsu, Atéwaza, Karate, and Judo martial arts. After many years of learning and research, he has devised ways to extend life expectancy in health. These exercises are:

Tying two teeth together: Two teeth always knocking together out loud. A secret for strengthening the root muscles and making teeth always strong, difficult to fall out, helping the facial muscles work, contributing to increasing blood circulation to the brain ... Preventing stroke.

Swallowing saliva: According to Oriental medicine, saliva is a gastric juice that helps enhance the ability to absorb and digest food, avoid stomach pain, stomach ulcers; saliva also has an extremely cheap bactericidal effect. Therefore, we do not spit out the essential saliva, because it will damage the air. At meal time, it is imperative to carefully chew saliva for easy digestion of food.

Fluttering the eardrum: Every day, using your hands on the ears, incubating, incubating or tapping will make the eardrum always vibrate, helping the ear to be always hearing, limiting dizziness, dizziness.

Poorly stroked nose: use one finger or index finger, or two fingers between two hands to swipe the nose from top to bottom 10-15 times. Day make 3-4 times. On both sides of the nose are two acupuncture points, bringing the shop with nerves of the face and alveoli, helping to prevent nasal congestion, runny nose, and prevent colds.

Practice frequent eye glancing: This exercise keeps the eyesight sharp, healthy eyes until old age, such as daily hard workouts for the eyes. Recipes set: focus on looking away, and then look close with the secret to shopping two distant points and then rolling your eyes back and forth continuously. Find 2 points on the left and right, then practice glancing back and forth twice to help prevent astigmatism and nearsightedness.

Rub face when eyes are open: Use your hands to rub each other, then heat as the negative and positive poles of the electricity, then rub on your face, swipe from top to bottom, from inside to outside, then from outside to inside. Doing so is a form of opening up the acupuncture points on the face, awakening nerves of the brain. Helps avoid wrinkles, does not have to tighten the skin, helps clear voice echoes.

Massaging your feet: Hands clasped together, rub hot, then rub your feet from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, helping the blood circulation of the legs flow easily. This exercise also helps people who have difficulty sleeping regain comfortable and peaceful sleep, limiting paralysis and cramps.

Abdominal massage: use your hands to squeeze your stomach, rub your belly in a clockwise direction 10 to 15 rounds. This helps open up the acupuncture points surrounding the acupuncture points, making the digestive system cheap, while also helping to prevent prostate disease in men and women's genitalia.


Re: Re: Re: Healthy Living Diet - Extreme Health Now

by mr mua ban thuoc tay (2019-11-19)

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