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Li Falah, Journal of Islamic Economics and Business Studies is a scientific journal concerning on the latest research results and becomes a scientific communication media for lecturers, researchers, and or observers in the Islamic economics and business field.


Li Falah's journal is published twice a year, every June and December. 

Publication of June Edition 

Acceptance Articles: beginning of January through the second week of May.

Editor's review: Second week to end of May 

Bestari Partner Review: beginning of June until Second Sunday of June

Editing, Publishing and OJS: Second Sunday to fourth June.


Publication of December Edition 

Admission Articles: early July to second week of October 

Editor's Review: Second week to end of October 

Bestari Partners Review: from November to Second Week of November.

Editing, Publishing and OJS: Second Week November to early December


The Criteria

For articles to be published in Li Falah Journal should meet following Criteria and References:

1. The article is the result of research in the area of economic studies and Islamic business. 

2. Articles have never been published in other journals or media. 

3. Articles should be written in Indonesian, English or Arabic. 

4. Articles should be written in 1.5 spaces, California FB 12 font, A4 paper format.

5. The length of text is between 5000-6000 words. 

6. Abstract is written in Bahasa Indonesia / Arabic / English, with 150-200 words. 

7. Keywords (keywords) are maximum of five words or idioms. 8. The author's name is written in full by including the author's agency and email address and phone number (mobile) which can be contacted. 

9. The manuscript is written in Li Falah style 

10. Articles should be sent via email [email protected] 


The Procedures of Writing References and Bibliography: 

1. Writing reference referral source using body note. Example: (Antonio, 2001: 23).

2. Writing bibliography following the American Political Science Association (APSA) style. 

Example of writing bibliography of a book: Muhammad. 2002. Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Islamic Economics. Jakarta: Publisher Salemba Four. Antonio, Muhammad Shafi'i. 2001. Bank Syariah From Theory to Practice. Jakarta: Gema Insani Pres. 

Example of journal writing: Booth, Anne. 1988. "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 19 (2): 310-34." The Living Standards and the Distribution of Income in Colonial Indonesia. " 


Article Selection Process Performed by following Steps: 

1. Each article received by the editor will be reviewed by the editorial board.

2. The editior will send the article to the best partner.

3. Recommendation from bestari partner into consideration of publishing the article.

4. Considerations based on the recommendations of the bestari's partners on the articles are categorized into 3: accepted (published), revised, and rejected (returned to the author).
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