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Changes in the exchange rate is an important issue because the exchange rate is always
changing and is not permanent. In economic theory, reduced and increased the amount of
money for a person if pursued in a fair, because money can not develop with itself without
any work done. In the Islamic economic system of currency exchange is still controversy in
the changes resulting from the exchange rate outstanding. As well as with the existing
implications of changes in the excange rate, which is an important Islamic economic
discourse, so it should be in revisit the principles according to Islamic economic perspective.
Based on the results of studies describing the discussion of this literature
study/library, showed that : (1) exchange rate in Islamic economics is part of a transaction
that mubah or allowed. Currency exchange either from the same country as well as an other
countries must meet the requirements that exist in Islamic economics, (2) the implications
of changes in currency exchange rates not only impact on the level of domestic goods but
also affecting the price of the currency a country, so that deflation and inflation can not be
avoided. The implication of changes in the exchange rate of the most looked for our nation
that the currency crisis that hit Indonesia and other countries in Asia. The economy
collapsed due to changing currency values, resulting in rising prices of goods,both domestic
and non domestic high, and (3) in the economic system of Islam, the concept of time value of
money is not there. There is the concept of economic value of time. The future which has a
value of economic, not money that has economic value. That if the time to good use, efficient
and efectif, because increasing and decreasing the value of money if pursued with those
Keywords: Change, exchange rate, and Islamic economic.

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