Al Lughawiyaat is a scientific journal publishing articles mainly related to English Education, Linguistics, Literature, and Applied Linguistics concerned on the theory of language and practice of language learning including second language acquisition and the teaching and learning of second or foreign language. We accept any research-based and concept-based articles which have not been published from any publishers and which are not plagiarized from any sources. This journal will publish 5-7 articles for each publication twice a year (June and December)

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Vol 2, No 2 (2021): December

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Ernida Hamid
Nur Hasanah Safei, Ija Narmalawati
Suhartini Syukri, Fitryani Fitryani
Isna Humaera, Rahmadina Mukhtar
Sitti Nurfaidah, Abdul Halim, Hildayanti Hildayanti, Riski Riski
Sarjaniah Zur, Abdul Halim, Nur Dianti Syafwa