KALOSARA: Family Law Review

Kalosara Family Law Review; is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (Marc and September) by Prodi Hukum Keluarga Islam, Fakultas Syariah, IAIN Kendari. Kalosara Family Law Review specifically publishes scientific papers both scientific papers and research results oriented to issues of Islamic law and social institutions as well as transdisciplinary Islamic studies. Kalosara Family Law Review specifically publishes the results of the transdisciplinary study between the study of law and social institutions with Islamic studies. The journal focuses: 1. Islamic Law Studies ( Islamic Family Law, Gender Discourse, and Legal Drafting of Islamic Civil Law Sosiologi of Law, culture law, custumare law with various dimensions and approaches ) 2. Integration of Islamic law studies with civil law, constitutional law, criminal law, customary law, agrarian law, international law, labor law. 3. Integration of Islamic legal studies with social institutions.

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